Newborn Consultation Services

Just a few of my former clients.

Each of the babies I have helped nurture over the years has been unique, and so are my services. I help parents-to-be prepare for the arrival of their newborn, from assessing baby supplies to coordinating lactation, hygiene, and sleep schedules. I offer both instruction and relief for overwhelmed parents.

Most first-time parents come to me in the 7th month of pregnancy to begin preparations. I typically continue consulting until the newborn is one year old. Because each child is different, experienced parents also seek my services for postpartum care. In all cases I teach by demonstration, assisting parents through every step up to pre-toddler.

For additional information on any of these services, please contact me.

Postpartum Care

The first weeks are key to helping parents and newborns adjust, bond, and develop routines. I offer basic instruction in areas such as hygiene, handling (holding/cradling), nutrition and care for the new mother, as well as calming techniques and sleep scheduling. I also help train and hire long-term caregivers.

Shopping Services

Whether with a simple assessment of shower gifts and purchases or assistance choosing practical items, I help new parents and family members make sure they have everything they need for the first few months. This service is invaluable for difficult pregnancies and adoptive parents. I also help set up nurseries with safety in mind.

Lactation Management

Before the birth, I assist mothers with the purchase of breastfeeding supplies and instruct them on pump set-up and use. I offer lactation support and nutrition for the mother, as well as instruction on bottle and formula preparation. I offer continued phone support through a newborn’s breastfeeding period.

Sleep Issues

I coordinate routines and sleep schedules to suit a family’s needs. I also teach self-soothing techniques to calm newborns and offer assistance with sleep-deprived infants from 6 weeks to pre-toddler. Phone consultation is available for sleep issues.

My fees are determined by services requested. Phone consults welcome. I will travel outside the U.S.