Rachel, Bill and Emma:
“We wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful Ellen Grossman is. My husband and I tried for 8 weeks to take care of our newborn daughter, Emma, without any help. We became very frustrated and tired. A friend recommended we call Ellen, and we did. After just one telephone conversation with Ellen, we knew she could help us with Emma. Her knowledge of newborns and experience made us feel confident that we absolutely made the right decision to hire her. From the first day she was in our home we felt at ease knowing that a kind, warm and conscientious person was training us to care for Emma. Her breastfeeding support and self soothing sleep schedule methods were fantastic and we were amazed that she had her sleeping through the night in her own bedroom at only 9 weeks old. We cannot thank Ellen enough for the skills she has taught us and the happiness she brought to our family! We will continue to recommend Ellen to every family we know that’s expecting a new addition and we plan to have Ellen help us again when our third child is born.”

M&C, Boston (proud grandparents of Lucy):
“We gifted Ellen’s services to our daughter on the arrival of our first grandchild. Her references were stellar. Her wisdom and insight were invaluable and offered a great introduction for our daughter and son-in-law into parenthood.”

John, a sleep-deprived Dad, Boston:
“Ellen Grossman’s name has been mentioned around my office, a financial company in Boston, for years. When I became a parent recently, it was my turn to contact her. My wife and I began suffering from sleep deprivation as our 6-month old Sarah was sharing part of her night in our bed. Trying to transfer her back to her crib would wake her, resulting in a crying baby and very tired parents. So I checked my ego at the door and suggested we contact Ellen. In just a few nights Sarah began to trust her crib, her room, and us. Now she is sleeping through the night on a regular basis. We are so grateful for Ellen’s knowledge and patience with Sarah as well as us.”

KL, Boston (mother of 8 week old daughter):
“When I first met Ellen her warmth, confidence and love for babies was apparent. Ellen’s lactation consulting is the single best thing you could do for yourself if you are breastfeeding!! Her knowledge, encouragement and affirmation she offered was invaluable for me!! I highly recommend Ellen because not only was she wonderful for my daughter but for me as well! I feel really lucky to have had her during the first two weeks after the birth of my daughter and I will continue to use her for follow up visits.”

“We reached out to Ellen after watching her work wonders with my sister’s two babies. Our son came home from the hospital very jaundiced, which was a scary experience. Rather than sending him to the hospital, she was able to help us care for him at home. We learned everything from Ellen, from hygiene to putting the baby on a schedule. Warm and compassionate, she offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.”